My happiness antenna
I always turn on my happiness antenna, So I can feel a lot of small happiness everyday.

Angel & Devil

Your hearts are made of love,
and you are all living in love.

Your heart is a patchy pattern of black and white
White is angel and black is devil

To love others is called angel.
To love only yourself is called devil.

So angel and devil are the same love.
They are caused by your heart moving.

What do you see at your first glance of this illusion?
Do you see angels, or do you see devils? They are both there.

Heart way

Love energy

Love is clean energy
It makes your heart feel warm

Egoism is harmful energy
It is like nuclear energy.

Conflicts are born by by egoism
and they will eat away at your heart

We need love
It is friendly energy for us


8.Unexplainable world (8/8 Steps)

Everyone has something that can not be eliminated logically in their heart.

If all of this world can be explained, our individuality will be disappeared.

Because the world can not be understood, We are free.

That's why we have to respect the unexplainable world of the others

And then, we will create a peaceful world with our freewheeling ideas.

So, we have to take good care of our unexplainable world.
And ease our heart with freewheeling thinking until we are all free.


7.Play in your dream (7/8 Steps)

Every night, my dream teaches me something,
and my mind is refreshed by unusual experience.

But I have a strange feeling sometimes after my wake-up,
“Is this world also my dream?”

There are a lot of freewheeling ideas in my dream.
These ideas lead me into an unexplained world that I had never known.