My happiness antenna
I always turn on my happiness antenna for my sustainability of happiness

3. Accept your situation(3/8 Steps)

When you think that it's difficult to accept your situation,
Put yourself in other people's shoes.

It's hard to face reality. but let’s give it a shot.

Before you ask yourself, you have to collect
as many information of your current situation as you can.

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2. Soothe your feelings(2/8 Steps)

When you're feeling angry with someone, soothe your feelings.

Shout it out, sing your favorite songs, enjoy drive your car,
look up at the sky or practice meditation, etc.

The ways to calm your heart depends on your situation.

Anyway, soothe your feelings before you accept your situation.

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1. Charge me up (1/8 Steps)

As the saying goes,
“You can’t fight on an empty stomach.”

First of all, have something to eat.
And then, listen to your favorite songs,
make you laugh, take a walk, and go to bed.

Charge your energy for the battle with yourself.
You need a lot of energy to control your emotion.

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Eight steps for free mind

1. Charge your energy
2. Soothe your feelings
3. Accept your situation
4. Ask yourself
5. Love yourself & have hope
6. Love & appreciate others
7. Play in your dream
8. Respect unexplainable world