My happiness antenna
I always turn on my happiness antenna for my sustainability of happiness

Precondition for happiness

(If you forgive and love others...)

You shouldn't need to change anything to be happy.
You should count your blessings.

I know that it is easy to say but hard to do.
we have a lot of trouble to control our rowdy heart.

If you're feeling helpless in your life,
Accept your situation and Let it go


Common sense

Common sense makes our world,
and the world creates common sense.

Common sense always ties us down,
while it continue to change by human progress

Tomorrow is another day.
Today's common sense will be faded away someday.
It’s like a cloud flowing in the sky.

This is our common sense.
Follow your heart.

Piccture; JAMSTEC

My world

3 dimension, 4th dimension, 5th dimension…
10th dimension, 11th dimension, 12th dimension

I don’t care how many dimensions our world is.
My world is all that I’m feeling and won’t be changed.



There are as many justice as there are people.
Justice is not necessarily only one.

You have justice in your mind.
You believe it and live with it.

Everyone believes their justice,
and they follow it like you.

Our bright future will be created
by everyone's justice.


Angel & Devil

Your hearts are made of love,
and you are all living in love.

Your heart is a patchy pattern of black and white
White is angel and black is devil

To love others is called angel.
To love only yourself is called devil.

So angel and devil are the same love.
They are caused by your heart moving.

What do you see at your first glance of this illusion?
Do you see angels, or do you see devils? They are both there.